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Temple Reef Sailing Club (TRSC) was created to promote interest and participation in the sport of sailing and through its operation of Sail Thunder Bay (STB), provides opportunities for teaching and training of people in the sport of sailing. STB offers CANSail programming at its location in Marina Park, Thunder Bay and at additional locations throughout the North Western Ontario region as opportunities arise. CANSail programming means lots of time on the water in a safe, fun and active learning environment, with time also spent in a classroom. Students learn sailing skills and participate in fun, challenging experiences suited to their age and stage of development. CANSail is designed as a set of progressive learn to sail standards focused on providing sailors with a solid foundation of core skills. It allows sailors to learn and progress in any type of boat and consolidates key skills and solid experiences before adding complex skills. If harsh weather conditions make it necessary to stay off the water instructors will provide on land programming. Our STB instructors are selected for their personal qualities, abilities to create fun and safe learning environments for all students and for their educational/training backgrounds. STB instructors have completed the appropriate training and have met the requirements necessary to be certified through Sail Canada, the national governing body for the sport of sailing. TRSC supports and encourages new instructors and their continued development. Students should be dressed in casual, comfortable clothing suitable for the weather conditions. We request that students have a change of clothes with them in addition to a towel. A warming layer and rain gear will make drizzly days more comfortable. Capsizing is a necessary skill taught in the CANSail lessons. Closed toe shoes that can get wet are required. It is preferred that students provide their own lifejacket. Please ensure that they are the correct size/weight ratio and meet Canadian Coast Guard regulations and standards. STB will provide life jackets for those participants that require them. Sunscreen (non-spray), a hat that will not blow off and sunglasses /glasses will assist in ensuring the safety and comfort of the student. Tethers for the sunglasses and hats are a good idea! Your child is welcome to wear a helmet if you desire. Students should bring along nutritious snacks, lunches (make these substantial as the students will be active) and lots of water/ hydrating beverages which they will require for the duration of their program. A fridge and microwave are available for use by students at our Marina Park location. We encourage the use of refillable water bottles and healthy food choices. Water is available on site for refills. ​Meal and snack breaks start only after assigned tasks are complete. Please ensure all foods brought to our facilities are NUT FREE​. Please keep children who are ill at home. In the event a child/ student becomes ill during the day, a guardian will be contacted to pick the child up. Children participating in our programs will remain with the group and under the supervision of our instructors from drop off until a guardian picks them up. Instructors must be notified by the guardian responsible if alternate arrangements have been made. Please be on time for morning drop off and pick up at the end of program day. If you are driving down Pier 1 at our Marina Park location, please do not drive beyond the signs and the line which indicates the area is for boats only and not vehicles. This is a safety concern for our instructors and your children. Part of the learning process requires that students participate in the care and storage of STB equipment. Though our instructors do their utmost to ensure sufficient time for this before day end, please be aware that your student may not be available to leave until this work is complete. Medication Policy STB instructors will only administer prescription medication. Parents will be required to sign a medication authorization form outlining dosages and times to be given. Medication must be in the original container, marked clearly with the student name, medication name, and instructions for storage and administration of the drug. Sail Thunder Bay Refund Policy Refunds, less 5% of fees paid, are available when Sail Thunder Bay receives notification of withdrawal at least 14 days in advance of the program start date. Withdrawals for which notifications are received after 14 days and at least 7 days in advance of the program start date will be refunded at 50%. No refunds are available after 7 days before the program start date. Fees may be transferable within the same season if there is space available in a suitable alternate program. No refunds will be provided if a student is dismissed or removed from class due to abusive or dangerous behaviour. Refunds or make up days are not available for missed classes Any requests for refunds based on withdrawal or cancellation after a program has begun must be submitted for consideration no later than the last business day in August. Cancellation Policy If it is determined by Sail Thunder Bay that a course shall be cancelled, full refunds will be provided. Programming is not cancelled due to weather. Alternate on land instruction is provided.

A. Mandatory Annual CANSail Insurance

Must have paid Insurance to attend classes 1/student/year-$20.00

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